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Iran is using drones in Ukraine : Saudi FM


The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, said in a dialogue session during the Munich Security Conference Saturday, “We previously warned of Iran’s drones, and now they are striking in Ukraine.”


He also added, “Our relationship is good with Russia, and this is beneficial for everyone to keep the doors of dialogue open.”


He also said, “The position of the GCC is unified, and we support dialogue to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.”


Bin Farhan affirmed that the Kingdom continues the dialogue with Kyiv and Moscow to reach opportunities for a solution, adding, “We heard from Russia and Ukraine about a desire to negotiate, but the issues between them are complex.”


Nuclear Deal


Regarding the nuclear agreement, he said, “We want the Gulf states to have a say regarding the nuclear agreement,” adding, “We want to return to the nuclear agreement, but with a comprehensive view and with Gulf participation.”


He indicated that the acquisition of a nuclear weapon by an enemy country prompts everyone to search for other options.


The Middle East is free from nuclear


In his speech, Bin Farhan stated that the proliferation of armaments is not beneficial in the region, “We support the Middle East being free of nuclear weapons. Conflicts and divisions in the world worry us,” he added.


Relations with Washington


Bin Farhan also touched on relations with Washington and said, “We disagree with Washington on some issues, and this is a declared and well-known matter,” adding, “In our relationship with the US, we take into account our national interests.”


“We are working with the US  on issues of security and stability issues in the region,” he added.


The situation in Syria


On the Syrian issue, the Saudi minister said, “There is a consensus in the world that the current situation in Syria should not continue.”

“The situation of Syrian refugees abroad and the humanitarian aspect at home must be addressed,” he added.


Palestinian territories


He also touched on the file of the Palestinian issue, saying, “There is an escalation in the occupied territories and an increase in settlements, and this will not help peace.”


In addition, the Saudi minister said, “We are working and keen on the stability of the oil market in the world.”


“The Kingdom is the largest economy in the region and the fastest growing,” he added.

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