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Saudi students achieve 9 awards at the Gulf Arts Festival

Saudi students achieve 9 awards at the Gulf Arts Festival


Saudi students won 9 awards of gold and silver in the school theater, Arabic calligraphy, and the plastic arts competition at the Gulf Arts Festival.


the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States implemented this festival.


It emphasizes the importance of arts and activities in educational and social upbringing.


The competition also tries to focus on the role activities in the development of the student’s personality.


Ministry of Education awarded the students participants as the best group performance in the theatrical performances competition.


Students, Adel Al-Shuhaib, Abdul Rahman Al-Qurashi, Yasser Al-Thubaiti, Muhammad Al-Harthy, and Khaled Al-Hussaini presented a theatrical performance entitled: “Umbrella”.


Student Al-Hussaini won the award for the best diverse acting voice performance.


First Place


The student Hamad Abadi won first place in the plastic photography competition, and the student Muhammad Al-Bahrani won first place in the Naskh Calligraphy competition.


the student, Mayar Sharifi, achieved first place in the drawing competition, and the students of the Kingdom also earned second place in the Diwani calligraphy competition.


The Saudi students achieved second place in the Naskh Calligraphy Competition, third place in the Diwani Secondary Competition, seventh place in the Fine Painting Competition, and ninth place in the Fine Painting Competition.


It is noteworthy that the Gulf Arts Festival for general education students was launched in the State of Kuwait last Tuesday with competitions for school theatre, Arabic calligraphy, and plastic arts.


Students from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries compete in this festival.

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