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International Translation Forum 2023 Kicks Off in Riyadh

The third edition of the International Translation Forum 2023 commenced today in Riyadh, organized by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority under the theme “Cross-Cultural Content.” The Translation Forum brings together local and international experts to highlight global civilizational communication through cultural content exchange, emphasizing the importance of translation as a profession, and its constructive role in connecting cultures and civilizations at King Saud University – Celebration and Exhibitions Hall (Female Students).

Translation Forum’s Organizational Structure

The Translation Forum explores translation within global cultural communication. It emphasizes the profession’s importance through 10 dialogue sessions and 10 workshops. Events like “Talk with Experts” and “Translation Stations,” and an exhibition with local and international entities are featured, spotlighting the translation sector.

Translation Forum’s First-Day Agenda

On the first day, the Translation Forum’s dialogue sessions will discuss contemporary issues, opportunities, and professional experiences in the field of translation. The cultural program of the Translation Forum will begin with a dialogue session titled: “Translation and Poetry: Messengers of Cultural and Civilizational Communication” in celebration of Arab Poetry Year 2023. The second session will discuss “Translation and Business Market.. Pioneering Experiences,” while the third session will delve into “A Window onto Eastern Languages.. Bridging Cultures and Enhancing Knowledge.” The fourth session will cover “Innovative Developments in Translation Pedagogy,” and the fifth session will explore “From Every Deep Valley.. Leading Translation Services in the Holy Mosques.”

Translation Forum’s Second-Day Highlights

On the second day, the Translation Forum will open with a dialogue session titled “Translating the Saudi Story.. Our Cultural Symbols to the World,” followed by a session on “Translation in the Halls of International Organizations,” and a third session about “Digitalization Newness in Translating Audio and Image.” The fourth session will be about “Professional and Psychological Development for Translators,” and the Translation Forum will conclude with its last session on “Instant Translation and Artificial Intelligence.”

Background of the Translation Forum

The International Translation Forum is a significant event that fosters cross-cultural communication and understanding. It is organized by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority, a notable entity in Saudi Arabia promoting literary and translation activities. The choice of Riyadh as the venue signifies the growing recognition of translation as a crucial tool for global dialogue, and King Saud University as an influential hub for academic and cultural exchange.

Themes and Impact of the Translation Forum

The theme “Cross-Cultural Content” reflects an overarching aim to bridge the gap between different civilizations through the exchange of cultural content, showcasing the indispensable role of translation in this endeavor. The various sessions and workshops of the Translation Forum are designed meticulously to cover a broad spectrum of topics within the translation domain, making it a comprehensive platform for professionals, academicians, and enthusiasts to engage, learn, and network.

Translation Forum’s Significance and Conclusion

Celebrating Arab Poetry Year 2023 is notable. It spotlights the Arab world’s rich poetic tradition and its role in cross-cultural dialogue. The Translation Forum’s discussions on digital translation, new teaching methods, and professional and psychological growth for translators are timely. They align with global trends in the translation sector.

The Translation Forum offers a distinct chance for both local and global players in the translation field to showcase their offerings. It promotes collaboration and advances in translation tech, like instant translation and artificial intelligence. These advancements are set to transform the translation industry.

In conclusion, the International Translation Forum 2023 is a pivotal event in the translation field. It acts as a catalyst for global cultural and civilizational conversations, underlining the vital role of translation in our globally connected world.

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