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“ITHRA” discusses the future of translation within the activities of the Iqra Enrichment Forum

The enrichment forum organized by “Ithra” stressed the importance of exploring the future of writing, translation, novel, poetry, and other types of literature.

The translation received interest from the specialists and translators participating in the program.

Dr. Bassam Al-Bazzaz’s speech

Academic translator Dr. Bassam Al-Bazzaz described the future of translation as “based on human thought,

He added that artificial intelligence cannot be a substitute for it.”

he said “I do not imagine a future without translation or with translation made by an artificial intelligence machine”

the forum targeted 30 participants in the eighth edition of the “Read” competition.

He indicated that translation will remain a creative activity that the reader can only deal with through a living thought.

he stressed that it is like writing, the same as any other creative work.

The future of translation

It is expected that translation in the future will witness developments in its mechanism without dispensing the translator.

He added, “Perhaps they will solve and participate in the resulting problems of craftsmanship by offering alternatives, nothing more.”

Al-Bazzaz stressed that humanity will continue to need translation as long as books are of multiple sources and authors of multiple origins.

He noted that complicity in translation leads to talk about the depth of the translation’s compliance with the text and its complicity with it.

Al-Bazzaz also stressed the importance of the translation being authentic and meeting the conditions in terms

The session concluded that translating a book into a different language requires that it first succeed in its home country, provided that it is marketed to the writer and the book.

The participants in the session also concluded that translation is a channel and a conveying vessel.

They emphasized that it multiplies the reader’s cultural output and expands the horizons of the writer.

They pointed out that translation is an exercise and a lesson for the creator in order to delve into everything new and contemporary.

This is a renewal of literature, and perhaps a rescue for it from monotony and closure.

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