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International Conference on Philosophy kicks off in Riyadh

The Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority in Saudi Arabia will launch the second session of the “Riyadh International Conference on Philosophy” from 1 to 3 December at the King Fahd National Library in Riyadh, under the title: “Knowledge and Exploration: Space, Time and Humanity”, with wide participation of thinkers, philosophers, scientists, artists, astronauts and writers Historians of different nationalities.

According to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, the CEO of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority, Dr. Muhammad Alwan, confirmed that the success of the last edition of the conference contributed to the consolidation of the international role of Saudi Arabia in the field of philosophy, and strengthened its position as a regional center for philosophical dialogue.

He added: “We are pleased to launch the conference in its second edition, in which we sought this year to attract a wide range of leading philosophers and speakers, and some educational institutes from different countries of the world, to exchange ideas on the main issues facing us in our time, and to promote dialogue between different cultures and disciplines.”

He pointed out that the conference, in its second session, welcomes participants of all age groups to continue the work that began a year ago, to consolidate the foundations of philosophy, its enabling methods, and tools between Saudi Arabia and the world by presenting their research papers.

The selection of the theme for this year’s conference came intending to create a Compromise between science and philosophy, during which participants will address many scientific and philosophical topics such as contemporary science, cognitive justice, exploration ethics, the latest technological developments, the dilemma of artificial intelligence, aspects of space diplomacy and climate change.


On the sidelines of the conference, a series of lectures, discussion panels, and intellectual and philosophical dialogues, in addition to comprehensive and open workshops dealing with the topics of the conference, will also include a philosophical pavilion for children, and accompanying events, to enhance the capabilities of the younger generations and provide them with skills and knowledge in the intellectual and philosophical fields.

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