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International community calls to designate Houthi Militia as Foreign Terrorist Organization

Yemeni, regional, and international civil society organizations have called on the UN General Assembly, with its 193 members, to classify the Houthi coup militia as a terrorist group.

It warned of the real danger posed by the Houthi militia’s approach to peace in Yemen, and a threat to international peace and security.

A human rights statement issued by the Yemeni Coalition for Independent Women in partnership with 90 local, regional and international civil society organizations affirmed the international community’s rapid response to classifying the Houthi militia as a terrorist group.

The statement placed the Houthi on global terrorist lists, and prosecuting its leaders in the International Criminal Court, will contribute to the success of the policy of maximum pressure on the Al-Houthi terrorist group to stop its crimes and dry up its sources of support.

He added, “We are following with great concern the crimes of the Houthi group, which it deliberately commits daily by bombing civilian objects and vital installations in densely populated Yemeni cities, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with ballistic missiles and drones.

The statement pointed out that the Houthi militias have caused an exacerbation of the humanitarian situation, starting with the increase in the number of displacement of thousands of families who have become homeless, in addition to the victims of mines, which reached, during January, 73 civilians, dead and wounded in several Yemeni cities and countryside.

He stressed that the Houthi militias have recruited more than 35,000 children since 2014, and used schools, mosques, and summer camps to brainwash at least 60,000 children, train them and send them to the fronts.

The statement explained that the Houthi militias have turned airports into military barracks and ports into launching centers for operations targeting the security and safety of international navigation, and have a black record of targeting international shipping lines, booby-trapping boats, and attacking and piracy of commercial and humanitarian ships.

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