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NEOM, MBC Group to establish AAA games studio in Saudi Arabia

MBC Group and NEOM announced the signing of a joint venture agreement to launch the first studio in the region to produce high-quality AAA video games. It will be launched in the NEOM Media Center during the year 2023.

The studio will produce video games of value and quality, and a group of developers around the world is currently overseeing the project. This partnership comes as part of NEOM’s efforts to establish a regional center for media production and creative content.

It seeks to integrate physical and technical elements, and also focuses on visual production, game development, and digital publishing. It is planned that MBC and NEOM studio for video game development will form an important part of NEOM Media Center, which supports the growth of this sector in the region and its transformation into a major center for content production.
MBC is leading a new era for the development of innovative media industries that contribute to diversifying the Saudi economy, generating advanced and attractive job opportunities for future generations, and through the international talent that the studio will attract to the Kingdom.

The game studio will provide a suitable environment for gamers and developers from the Kingdom and the region, which will contribute to supporting their level of professionalism and enhancing their career path in the game industry, in addition to the direct work opportunities that it will provide, whether in game design, programming, artistic and audio production.

This project will also contribute to the operation of a wide range of related sectors, including distribution, marketing, publishing, and support services, and the studio aspires to be a regional center for producers to share their work with the world.

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