General Authority of Civil Aviation: Saudi Arabia Eyes Apex by 2030

Saudi Arabia is making strategic advancements in civil aviation, with a vision to lead the Middle East region by 2030. The ambition extends to becoming a global aviation hub, underlined by significant investment and development plans spearheaded by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

Strategic Steps Forward

The General Authority of Civil Aviation’s (GACA) President, Abdulaziz Al-Duailej, has outlined Saudi Arabia’s deliberate steps toward becoming the foremost in the Middle East’s aviation sector by 2030. The Kingdom’s aspirations do not end here; it eyes a position amongst the top five globally in air connectivity by the same year.

Monetary Muscle

A substantial financial backbone supports Saudi Arabia’s aviation goals, with an anticipated investment of 356 billion SAR, approximating just under $100 billion USD, directed toward its aviation sector by 2030. This financial infusion aims to transition Saudi Arabia into a global aviation nexus, significantly contributing to its economic canvas.

Economic Impact

The ripple effects of these investments are expected to be monumental on the Kingdom’s economy. By 2030, the civil aviation and air transport sector is predicted to contribute SR280 billion ($74 billion) to Saudi Arabia’s GDP, a substantial leap from SR80 billion in 2018.

General Authority of Civil Aviation: Augmented Capacity

To accommodate the envisioned growth, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). plans to enhance airport capacity to handle 330 million passengers by 2030, marking a considerable upgrade in infrastructural capabilities. This move is in sync with the Kingdom’s broader vision of becoming a central aviation hub.

Saudi Arabia is on an accelerated trajectory to redefine its civil aviation landscape by 2030. The Kingdom’s well-calibrated steps, backed by hefty investments and infrastructural upgrades, are a testament to its robust blueprint aimed at capturing a significant share of the global and regional aviation milieu.

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