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Entertainment, Is It The Future Business in The Middle East?

Nowadays or as we can call it “The Era of Corona,” businesses are profoundly affected negatively by the pandemic. However, this is not always the case because each era has its pros and cons.

Now, People are sitting at their homes in isolation to prevent getting infected. As a result, they are spending their time on entertainment, like watching movies, playing video games, and cooking food. Yes, exactly! Those are the thriving industries at this time.

Studies show that the entertainment industry is expected to grow over $720 billion by 2020 in the United States, knowing that this study was conducted in 2018, and this number can be roughly multiplied by two during this time of global quarantine. Add up to this, the vision of 2030 that encourages entertainment in Saudi Arabia, where people now are more open to practice activities in this field unless they invade the general rules of the country.

These hints and events are the directions that lead the compass of future business in the Middle East. Entrepreneurs and people with skills can dive into this industry to discover the possibilities of it. However, they should be aware of the risk associated with it.

The quarantine is always a good time for planning and recharging the creativity; just see the glass half full!

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