Dusty Gusts & Stormy Showers: Chaotic Weather throughout KSA’s Regions

Parts of KSA are expected to experience medium to heavy thunderstorms with hail, and strong winds causing dust and sandstorms, according to the National Center of Meteorology in its weather report today, Friday. It also predicts flow of floods.

These regions include parts of the Najran, Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Madinah regions, extending to parts of Tabuk, Al-Jouf, the Northern Borders, Hail, Al-Qassim, and the western parts of the Riyadh region. Meanwhile, fog formation is not ruled out in parts of the southwestern highlands of the Kingdom.

The report also provided details on the wind patterns over the Red Sea. It indicated that the surface wind movement over the Red Sea is southwest to northwest at a speed of 15-35 km/h in the northern, central parts, southeast to southwest at a speed of 15-35 km/h reaching up to 50 km/h. It also stated that there will be formation of thunderclouds over the southern part.

The center mentioned that the wave height will be from half a meter to one and a half meters reaching up to two and a half meters with the formation of thunderclouds.

It further stated that the sea condition will be light to medium, with waves, thunderstorms and rain clouds.

Regarding the Arabian Gulf, the center pointed out that the surface wind movement will be at a speed of 10-30 km/h in the northern part, west to northwest at a speed of 20-40 km/h in the southern part.

It also mentioned the sea state, saying that there will be light waves in the northern part and moderate waves in the southern part.

The National Center of Meteorology has forecast the maximum and minimum temperatures for some cities in the Kingdom today. It indicated that Makkah and Jeddah will record the highest temperature at 34 degrees Celsius. The center mentioned that Al-Soudah will record the lowest temperature at 8 degrees Celsius.

It also pointed out that the expected maximum temperatures today are as follows:

Makkah and Jeddah 34 degrees Celsius, Al-Madinah, Riyadh, Hafar Al-Batin, Bisha, and Al-Wajh 29 degrees Celsius, Tabuk and Arar 28 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, the maximum temperatures for Abha and Al-Baha cities will be 23 and 22 degrees Celsius, respectively. On another hand, Al-Soudah will experience a maximum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

The minimum temperatures in some cities are as follows:

Al-Soudah 8 degrees Celsius, Riyadh and Buraidah 16 degrees Celsius, Al-Madinah 23 degrees Celsius, Jeddah and Makkah 25 degrees Celsius.

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