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Does the Corona vaccine affect breastfeeding?

The Saudi Ministry of Health has disclosed the nature of the Corona vaccine’s effect on breastfeeding, as well as whether or not lactating women should avoid breastfeeding after receiving the anti-virus vaccine.

Breastfeeding and Corona

The Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed through its Twitter account that lactating women taking the Corona vaccine do not pose a risk for breastfeeding. In fact, it pointed out that it is recommended to give the vaccine to breastfeeding women if they do not have contraindications to vaccination.

The topic came in response to a woman’s inquiry: โ€œTo what extent is it permissible for breastfeeding women to complete breastfeeding in the event of receiving the new Coronavirus vaccine?โ€

The authorities finalized the explanation by saying that the recommendation to vaccinate breastfeeding women was due to the benefit it can bring over potential harms.

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