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Digitization of culture in the KSA helps to unleash the energies

The Ministry of Culture published the full version of the report The Cultural Status in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020: Digitizing Culture on its official website.

The report refers to a new structural transformation in the cultural field that the Kingdom is witnessing. The KSA is facing a recent shift towards digitalization, or what can be called “the imposition of cultural action”, meaning that the default pattern prevails over cultural work in general.

Corona epidemic plays an essential role in this shift towards digitalization, especially related to its acceleration. The country has paid great attention to the issue in the last years, and therefore, it is not surprising that this transformation affects the cultural field.

Technology and cultural empowerment

In this context, Nawal Al-Shafei, a PhD researcher in the UNESCO World Declaration on Cultural Diversity, said in an exclusive interview for Al-Jawhara magazine that the talk about digitizing culture should come through what was stipulated in Article 6 of the UNESCO World Declaration on Cultural Diversity, which bears the title Towards cultural diversity available to all.

She added that the importance of digitizing culture comes through digitization technologies that enable the transfer of all their heritage assets on an electronic medium, helping the researcher access its content.

In the same context, the Saudi Ministry of Culture published a report on The Cultural Situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020 CE, highlighting it under “The digitization of Culture”, a subtitle of the report. The document reviewed the digital transformations that affected the cultural sector, reflected in activities and events provided by individuals and Saudi cultural institutions during the year 2020.

Al-Shafei finalized, saying that the importance of digitizing Saudi culture comes to preserve the cultural heritage in its tangible and intangible parts and to give easy access to it from all regions of the world via the Internet.

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