Differences Between Medical Masks and Cloth Masks

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Health, Dr. Abdullah Asiri, highlighted the differences between the cloth and medical masks, the primary function of each, and when the medical mask should be disposed of out.

He said that the cloth mask is primarily intended for communal contact, and the commitment of the individual to it prevents the transfer of respiratory droplets from it to those in contact with it in public places and workplaces.

He added that the mask is suitable for everyone from the age of two years and above, the difficulty of finding a suitable size for those under the age of two years, and does not provide them with adequate protection, and the primary goal of the fabric mask is to use it in public places, and it can be made at home, washed and reused.

He pointed out that the medical mask is intended for health practitioners, the injured, and their caregivers, in various types, and it is not reused, and it prevents the transmission of the virus from the infected person to others.

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