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Cultural exhibitions appear in the middle of the holy places in Saudi Arabia

Cultural exhibitions appear in the middle of the holy places in Saudi Arabia

For the first time in the history of the holy sites, the Royal Commission for the Holy City of Makkah and the Holy Sites, represented by the Kadana Company and the Gift of Hajj and Mu`tamar Association, launched the Rocks Exhibition in the Arafat area, and the “Between Thabeer and Al-Sabeh” exhibition in Mina.

Hatem Moumena, CEO of Kadana Company, said in a statement to Al that the exhibition aims to enrich the experience of the pilgrims, by broadcasting digital materials about each poetry, pictures, and detailed information about the landmarks of the holy sites.

While the Director-General of Hadiya Mansour Al-Amer Association explained that the exhibition is based on 10 pillars, which are “The story of Al-Mashar, kings in the service of pilgrims, the first meeting, sixty thousand from heaven, historical mosques, Mina wells, the mountains of Mina, the memory of history, run with your leg, and the present” Orient”.

 Also in the exhibitions are digital paintings of films that reflect the development of the sacred sentiments over a hundred years.

Exhibitions in Arafat and Mina holy sites

He stated that today the exhibition “Between Thabeer and Al-Sabeh” was inaugurated, the two eastern and western mountains between which the Mina Valley is located. As soon as the exhibition was launched, men and women pilgrims began to visit the exhibition, learn about its historical pillars, and the bright presence of the holy sites.

Al-Amer added: “The Rocks Exhibition in Arafat, which was hosted by the Al-Raqiya campaign in 24 corners, contains all the enriching information about Arafat’s poetry in both Arabic and English, with a digital barcode through which the exhibition can be visited virtually.

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