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Corona extends widely in Iran

After officials in the Iranian capital, Tehran, announced an increase in cases of Coronavirus, following the government’s plan to lift the restrictions, local officials in Fars, Ahvaz and Zanjan provinces reported an increase in the disease, warning that the situation was “worrying.”

In a development, the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Health, Kyanosh Jahanpur, told state television that the number of deaths due to the new Corona virus rose 93 today, Friday, bringing the total to 5574 cases.

He added that the total number of people infected with the disease reached 88,194, of whom 3,121 were in critical condition, according to Reuters.

Ghulam Reza Shariati, Governor of Ahwaz, announced the “disturbing spread” of Corona in the city of Ahwaz, and called on citizens to be more careful, cautious, and adhere to health guidelines.

Shariati, in an interview with reporters during the opening ceremony of a medical laboratory yesterday, attributed the cause of the high injuries to “people’s indifference” during the past ten days, saying “the number of patients has increased relatively during this period.”

Shariati did not provide statistics of victims and cases of HIV in the city of Ahvaz, but said, “The situation is stable and under control.”

On the other hand, Ali Akbari, a member of parliament for the city of Shiraz, told the Iranian Student News Agency, “ISNA” that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Fars Governorate has increased during the past ten days. He attributed this to the lifting of the curfew and the increase in traffic, saying that there are “great concerns about the outbreak of a second corona wave.”

On April 13, the Iranian government announced that it would amend the Social Divergence Plan, which included travel and business restrictions, to the “Smart Social Divergence” plan. But these changes that have been implemented in all Iranian provinces with the exception of Tehran since April 14 and in Tehran since April 20, to an increase in traffic within cities and between cities with the return of some jobs and a large number of government employees to their jobs.

In Zanjan, Muhammad Reza Saeni, Vice President of Zanjan University for Medical Sciences, told the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) that the number of people with corona has gradually increased.

Saini expressed concern about the situation over the past two weeks, saying that “non-compliance with social divergence is the cause.”

He also warned that the situation “could develop very quickly, as the situation will be disturbing during the next month.”

In turn, Muhammad Reza Qadir, president of the University of Medical Sciences in the city of Qom, warned that failure to comply with social divergence will make the second wave of the Corona epidemic more severe.

This comes as Ali Reza Aarafi, head of the religious estate in Qom, called on the government to gradually reduce restrictions in order to reopen religious centers and shrines.

On Thursday, the head of the Corona Committee in Tehran, Ali Reza Zali, had warned that the adoption of the deregulation approach had led to the outbreak of the epidemic in the capital again.

In statements to reporters, Zali stressed that failure to observe the social divergence and easing many of the restrictions imposed on traffic will send the wrong message to people, which causes them to believe that Covid-19 has been controlled, while deaths are increasing again.

 Zali said that more than 6,300 people visited hospitals in Tehran, and about 400 of them were transferred to hospitals on Wednesday, adding that the number of new cases is increasing again.

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