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Controversy in non-mandatory closing of shops during prayer time in Saudi Arabia

There is a controversy in Saudi Arabia after discussing the shura about closing shops during prayer times.

The discussion of the Saudi Shura Council on the issue of not obligating shops to close during prayer times has sparked a broad debate on social networking sites in the Kingdom.

Several Saudi newspapers reported that the council would vote on Monday on a recommendation submitted by members to coordinate with the relevant authorities to work on not obligating commercial establishments to close during daily prayer times, except Friday, including stations fuel and pharmacies.

In the justifications for the recommendation, the members pointed out that “closing shops to perform prayers was not mentioned in a text in the Holy Qur’an or the Prophetic Sunnah.”

Some considered that the word “non-obligatory” contained in the recommendation is the most important thing because it would allow shop owners to open or close their shops according to their desire, which is the direct, moderate approach.

Others say that the justifications provided by the recommenders are logical and will allow people to do as they please without being bound by the opening and closing dates of shops due to prayer.

On the other hand, tweeters considered that the council should have approved the recommendation long ago because the current situation denies external factors.

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