Celebrate with us Global Environment Day 2020

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Every year, on 5 June, the world celebrates World Day of the Earth, and the celebration of 2020 takes place under the theme of Biodiversity, a call for action to tackle the rapid extinction of biodiversity and the destruction of the natural environment.

One million species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction, mainly due to human activity. The World Day for the Environment encourages us to reconsider the evolution of our economic structures and their effect on the climate. These are problems that the world cannot neglect even in the presence of the coronavirus pandemic and the continuing climate crisis.

The United Nations Environment Program has announced that Colombia will host the World Environment Day 2020 celebrations in collaboration with Germany and will focus on biodiversity.

Ricardo Lucano, Colombia’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, stressed that with a million species of plants and animals at risk of extinction, there has never been a more critical time than this moment to focus on the question of biological diversity.

The study of the United Nations Environment Fund shows that biological diversity or biological diversity is the diversity of species that make up life on Earth’s surface.

Biodiversity encompasses 8 million or so species on the planet, from plants and animals to fungi and bacteria-and the ecosystems that harbor them-such as oceans, forests, mountain environments and corals-as well as the genetic diversity that exists between them.

Healthy biodiversity-rich ecosystems are important to human life. Ecosystems preserve human life in a variety of ways, by cleaning our air, purifying our water, ensuring the availability of nutritious food, natural medicines and raw materials, and reducing the occurrence of disasters. But we haven’t taken care of nature.

We are witnessing unprecedented forest fires in Brazil, the United States and Australia, locust invasions in Africa, and coral reef death. The ongoing Covid 19 epidemic, the latest in a series of outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, shows that the health of the planet is linked to our health.

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