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Breathtaking scene… A Saudi walks on ropes between mountains

By : Marwa Mahmoud

A Saudi achieved his ambition, when he was able to develop sports practices in mountain climbing, to master the practice of walking on ropes, in a rare sport at Saudi Arabia, after he learned it by himself through research and knowledge.

The young Rami Al-Harthy, who works as a dentist, appeared in pictures walking on the ropes, in scenes that held many breaths, told his story with this type of sport, and said: “I am basically a rock climber, and this sport needs a lot of balance on the instep. “

He continued: “Therefore, rock climbers devised a way of balance training by walking on tubular nylon ropes used in making mounting points on mountains. Over time, this practice developed into an independent sport (slack line) and it has different types, including walking on high lining ropes that I mastered.”

Al-Harthi added: “After learning the basics of hiking on ropes, I traveled to attend international festivals especially for this sport, which helped me to develop my skills, especially since this type of sport is considered safe, as it has many safety methods that make it safer, including the safety belt attached to the rope itself. “

He explained that “the balance is done without thinking of body’s ability to adapt to not falling, and this feature needs to train the body to balance and raise efficiency in this area, as sport of walking on ropes contributes to control the breathing process to increase the efficiency of muscles and the brain.”

He pointed out that she “teaches metaphors that are parallel to daily life, such as continuing on the road and not standing, because standing is the enemy of balance, as you learn to look at goals during walking, despite the presence of something that pulls you down .When you reach the end, your feelings of happiness and self-love flow, and that will drive out negative thoughts from us.”

Al-Harthy intensified his exercises and developed his skills in walking on the ropes, despite his repeated fall, but he raised the first rope in the province of Mleih in Al-Qassim, and in Spain the experiment was done twice, and after continuous training for more than a year, a high line was done in Disa and another in the Habla and. He became more practiced for this rare sport, and participated in many festivals for fans of hiking.

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