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Egypt to reopen international flights next July

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Egypt intends to resume international flights with countries that have opened their airports next month.

 Mohamed Manar Civil Aviation Minister said on Sunday that all airports would be reopened on 1 July.

He added that the decision was “an essential step for the aviation sector to be supported by sanitation operations for all airports and aircraft in the country.”

Egypt announced Thursday that foreign tourists would be allowed to visit coastal resorts such as Sharm El-Sheikh in July.

Dr. Hala Zayed the Health Minister also declared earlier this month that Egyptian tourist destinations have recorded the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases, unlike greater Cairo, which has the highest number of infections.

Aviation Minister also said that flights would be offering dry food and canned drinks only. Printed publications and magazines on board would be banned as well in a bid to limit the virus spread.

Egypt postponed regular international flights in March, shutting down restaurants, hotels and cafes as measures against corona virus spread.

Covid 19 pandemic has closed Egypt’s tourism sector, which, according to the government, contributes for 5 % of gross domestic product. Analysts claim that the figure could be as high as 15% if indirect employment and spending and investment are included.

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