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Biological Warfare is Just a Claim

With no vaccine for COVID-19, people have started to draw theories and create assumptions about this pandemic. So, conspiracy stories have been spreading as fast, and nothing to approve that or deny it.

A group of researchers from “The Scripps Research Institute” in the USA have proved that the origin of novel coronavirus was developed by nature!

Kristian Andersen, the head of the researchers, said that the genetics of the virus contains unknown components that can not be engineered by laboratories. There are no similarities in the genetic data of COVID-19 with previous viruses; it has unusual characteristics that were discovered recently in pangolins and bats, where it is impossible to deal with these animals in labs.

The virus has the ability to latch into human cells through a spike protein on its surface. After the latching, the virus starts to build blocks and creates an enzyme called furin as a defense mechanism against the immunity system. This combination of tactics is not recognized in prior viruses from the same platoon.

The antecedent facts and studies are enough to refute any claim that the virus is a human-made for biological warfare.

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