Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Trade Volume Surges to $4 Billion in 2022


The trade volume between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia has reached to approximately $4 billion in 2022, marking a 15% increase compared to the previous year.

This significant growth is a testament to the strong trade ties and close collaboration between these two fraternal nations.

During a meeting held at the Bahrain Chamber’s headquarters, Sameer Nass, Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, expressed optimism about the robust trade relationship between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

He highlighted the importance of increasing joint investments and broadening the horizons for investments in the commercial, industrial, and productive sectors.

 Significance of Bilateral Meetings

Badr Mohammed Al-Ruzaizah, Chairman of Alsharqiya Chamber, also emphasized the importance of bilateral meetings between chambers of commerce, stating that these meetings are crucial for overcoming challenges and enhancing trade exchanges.

Al-Ruzaizah called for enhanced collaboration with chambers of commerce and joint committees to fortify cooperation in all domains.

 Role of Bahrain-Saudi Council

The Bahraini-Saudi Council plays a remarkable role in fostering economic relations between the two countries.

Khalid Najibi, First Vice-Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber, affirmed the Chamber’s commitment to strengthening economic relations with Saudi Arabian chambers of commerce.

Historical , Economic Integration

The Bahrain-Saudi Arabia relationship is rooted in historical and economic integration. Sameer Nass described the Bahraini-Saudi Arabia relationship as a model of integration, emphasizing the deep fraternal ties between the leadership and people of both countries.

 Power of Collaboration

Collaboration between chambers of commerce and joint committees is instrumental in driving economic integration between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The ongoing collaboration and coordination efforts between the two nations contribute to the enhancement of trade and economic relations on multiple levels.

Bahrain Chamber’s Initiatives

The Bahrain Chamber has undertaken numerous initiatives to strengthen economic and social ties between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. These include the “Strategic Thinking Group” and initiatives focused on community partnerships.

The surge in trade volume between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to $4 billion in 2022 reflects the strong and growing trade relationship between these two nations. Both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are committed to strengthening economic ties, increasing joint investments, and expanding opportunities for collaboration in various sectors.

The ongoing collaboration between chambers of commerce and joint committees is pivotal in promoting economic integration and driving the growth and prosperity of both nations.

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