Asir is in white with heavy showers of hail

Heavy to moderate rain, followed by heavy cold showers, fell on several governorates and centres in the Asir region, southwest of Saudi Arabia, and rains continued in a number of cities and governorates in the region.

This cold wave included the city of Abha, the governorates of KhamisMushait, AhadRafidah, Tanuma, Al-Namas, the centres of Al-Souda, Tabab, and Balahmar, Baihan, Balsammar, Al Athab and Al Maween.

The wet weather and the cold-clad mountains prevented locals and tourists from enjoying the region’s pouring waterfalls and hail debris on the roadside, as captured by photographer Faia Al-Lami, who filmed the aesthetics of the white over the Asir Mountains and highways.

The General Meteorological Agency reported that strong weather disruptions have hit large parts of Saudi Arabia as a result of the region’s strong and widespread state of air instability.

Several regions of Saudi Arabia experienced a heavy storm, including the heights of Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha, and Taif, as well as parts of the Hail and Qassim regions, and these clouds actively agreed to the downward winds that may develop as a result of dust waves in some areas.

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