Photos: Ashwagandha Reappears in Saudi Arabia After 20 Years

The Ashwagandha is one of the wild plants that has reappeared after  20-year in the deserts of the northern borders province. It is an evergreen yellow shrub with yellow flowers, reported Shahd.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) met with the president of Amana Environmental Association in the northern border region, Nasser Rashid. He stated that this plant has several names, like Saudi ginseng or ashwagandha. This is the case with many wild plants.

Rashid also pointed out that the region is full of ingredients of green wealth, which are wild plants with high economic value. The region has a distinctive natural vegetation cover, and it can be invested as a natural plant resource to increase biodiversity, combat desertification, increase the green area, and enhance tourism and human development. This is in accordance with the green economy system that balances economic and environmental needs to benefit humanity and the planet.

Moreover, Khonaysser Wadi Al-Anazi, vegetation enthusiast, reported that he saw the Ashwagandha plant on the outskirts of the city of Arar. The reason for this is the abundance of rain and the increase in the green area in the region in recent times. He also confirmed after the appearance of the Ashwagandha plant that these plants can be cultivated for many purposes.



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