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Aramco’s Wa’ed Launches ROOTS: Spearheading Sustainability in Tech Start-ups

Pioneering Sustainability: Aramco's Wa'ed Launches ROOTS for Start-up Dev't

The Wa’ed Programme, at Saudi Aramco, launched a laboratory for developing startups specialized in sustainability technology (ROOTS). This initiative is part of one of the company’s investments to provide technical solutions and multiple services through one of its arms (COZ). It aims to contribute to activating the role of voluntary carbon markets.  ROOTS was launched during the third edition of the LEAP24 tech conference. The CEO of the National Program for IT Sector Development Ibrahim Niaz attended the event.

ROOTS: Catalyst for Environmental Tech Start-ups

ROOTS stands out as a beacon of innovation and support for start-ups specializing in sustainability technology. By creating an ecosystem that nurtures the growth of environmentally focused enterprises, Wa’ed’s initiative is poised for significant impact. Consequently, it aims to develop solutions addressing climate change and promoting sustainability.

Besides, ROOTS aims to streamline processes related to registration, monitoring, reporting, and verification. This facilitates the issuance of carbon credit certificates and increases the transparency of voluntary carbon markets. This development lab represents a strategic move to embrace digital solutions that can simplify complex environmental challenges.

Wa’ed’s Initiative Empowers Voluntary Carbon Markets

Trading carbon credits is an effective tool in global efforts to reduce emissions and combat climate change. Projects that contribute to avoiding, reducing, or removing carbon emissions are eligible for carbon credit certificates. This underscores their importance in the environmental sector. ROOTS’ launch highlights its vital role in supporting KSA’s goals and the Saudi Green Initiative’s objectives. Accordingly, it aims to reduce carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030, aligning with the plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060.

Platform for Digital Solutions

Ahmad al-Sadalani CEO of one of the investment companies under Wa’ed, elaborated that ROOTS aims to address climate change challenges through digital solutions. These solutions simplify the processes of registration, monitoring, reporting, and verification. As a result, these solutions facilitate the issuance of carbon credit certificates and enhance the transparency of voluntary carbon markets.

Wa’ed’s Initiative Empowering Local Talent & Sustainable Solutions

Al-Sadalani expressed that through ROOTS, the goal is to support innovation, localize sustainable environmental solutions, and empower local talent. The lab focuses on companies specializing in environmental technology solutions to contribute to a shift towards more sustainable technologies. This effort is critical in facing the environmental challenges that threaten humanity’s future, aiming to ensure a sustainable environment for coming generations.

In conclusion, Aramco‘s Wa’ed through its ROOTS lab is setting a precedent for the integration of sustainability within the tech start-up ecosystem. By facilitating the growth of companies focused on environmental solutions, ROOTS not only aligns with Saudi Arabia’s green objectives but also contributes to the global fight against climate change. This initiative marks a significant step towards fostering innovation, sustainability, and the development of local talent in KSA, illustrating a committed path to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

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