ArabyAds breaks the Black Friday records with more than AED200 million in sales for its clients

The question that appears when one talks about Black Friday is “How to make the most out of the Black Friday season?”

At the end of each year, with the onset of the winter season, stores around the globe start preparing for Black Friday from the beginning of November, promoting huge discounts on products through diverse sectors and for consecutive days to attract consumers, stimulating deals and sales. The rise of the ecommerce industry helped spread the concept of massive discounts on Black Friday. This year, Black Friday was on November 29th. And the main challenge for the MENA region most known e-commerce companies is how to make the most out the biggest season of the year and grow the customers’ base.

Starting from this target, the role of ArabyAds as the largest advertising and marketing intelligence platform in MENA region starts with offering risk-free performance marketing and lead-generation solutions to increase conversions and profitability for enterprises and publishers by providing metrics that should enhance their ROI.

During this Black Friday, the team behind ArabyAds had the chance to contribute in the online sales records by generating sales for their clientele from different industries; ecommerce being the fiercest.

As a result, they break the Black Friday records by generating more than AED200 million in sales for their clients with more than 2 million sold items.

This was a record for the whole e-commerce industry. The tools used to achieve this success were the following digital platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, Blogs, and Content websites with using unique solutions to provide these companies with the needed traffic.

This has been done through more than 2000 influential personalities, 1500 affiliates in the MENA region, and more than 35 media buyers who work on promoting the clients brands on various traffic sources.

Because all good things have a story, here’s ArabyAds’. It was founded in 2013 by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil who had a vision of creating the largest affiliate network and expand into a one-stop-shop advertising intelligence firm that offers comprehensive marketing solutions for companies in the MENA region. ArabyAds is headquartered in Dubai, and has offices in Cairo and Amman, and Riyadh.

After five years of success, the company had its Round-A of investments during the first quarter of 2019 with $6.5 million. The investment has helped the platform to reach this organic growth and to quickly emerge as a market leader in MENA’s fast-growing performance marketing industry. They have delivered their performance marketing solutions to more than 450 clients so far, including Noon, AlShayaa, AlTayer, Landmark Group, Namshi, Carrefour, Goldenscent, amongst other..

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