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Apple Sends out Invitations to Developers to Attend Its Annual Conference

The American company Apple has officially sent invitations to its annual conference for developers and programmers, which it will hold in Apple Park on June 10. The official invitation sent by Apple showed what the company intends to reveal at its conference.

Reports indicate that Apple will reveal one of its operating systems, iOS 18, in addition to presenting its plans to integrate artificial intelligence into its products. The American company will also display the latest Mac OS, iPad OS, WatchOS, and VisionOS operating systems.

The sources say that Apple will reveal the advantages that some devices will enjoy due to the new generative artificial intelligence services, especially in the iPad Air and iPad Pro devices that have M4 processors with improved machine learning capabilities for tasks based on artificial intelligence.

Anticipation surrounds the iOS 18 operating system, which is described as “one of the biggest overhauls in the history of the iOS operating system.

The company is expected to support the operation of the “Safari” browser, photos and notes using artificial intelligence technologies, in addition to improved “Siri” notifications and smart summaries. Some sources suggest that during the conference an announcement will be made about Apple’s cooperation with Open AI to run its famous “Chat GPT” application on the iOS 18 operating system.

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