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OpenAI Launches Updated Artificial Intelligence Model GPT-4o

OpenAI plans to roll out a faster, cheaper version of the ChatGPT AI model that powers its chatbot, as the startup works to maintain its leadership in a buzzing market increasingly.

During a live-streamed event on Monday, OpenAI debuted GPT-4o, an updated version of the current model that is now more than a year old.

The large, updated language model, trained to ingest huge amounts of online data, will be better at handling text and audio, and can work in 50 languages. The new model is scheduled to be rolled out to all users, not just users with a physical subscription.

The release of GPT-4o is expected to revolutionize the rapidly evolving AI landscape, where GPT-4 is still the gold standard. A growing number of startups and big tech companies, including Anthropic, Cohere and Alphabet’s Google, have recently rolled out AI models that they say rival GB’s performance. T-4”, or superior to it in terms of certain criteria.

The OpenAI announcement also comes the day before Google I/O. Google, a leader in artificial intelligence will use this event to reveal more AI updates. After the race to keep up with Open AI, which is supported by Microsoft.

New Search Product

Speculation about the next launch of OpenAI has been the talk of Silicon Valley in recent weeks. The company works on a wide range of products, including audio technology and video software.  Moreover, OpenAI is also developing a search feature for GPT Chat, Bloomberg previously reported.

The company on Friday tempered some of the growing speculation in that regard, saying it would not be launching GPT-5 soon, a long-awaited version of its model that some in the tech world expect to be radically more capable than current AI systems. The company also made clear that it would not unveil a new search product, a tool that could compete with Google stock rose after this news.

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