An inspiring story of a Saudi who fought cancer and got doctorate

Twelve years ago, a young Saudi man was diagnosed with cancer and embarked on a painful war adventure with the disease.

His story was inspiring to the afflicted when he instilled in them a spirit of hope.

Dr. Hamad bin Jarwan, the Saudi ambassador to fight cancer, as activists call him, and the cancer sufferer, who used the famous phrase “Fight for your dreams and  pray”

He spoke to Al about his inspirational journey, which began when he found that he had cancer before finishing his university studies, and then the sickness moved to his spinal cord, which is one of the most serious and terrible diseases; but, he confronted it with courage.”

Inspirational story

Bin Jarwan continued his story: “I stayed in the hospital for a year and a half, and the study was postponed after I underwent chemotherapy, radiation and operations, and after the treatment trip, I completed my university studies.

 Cancer spread to the nerves after that, and his need for operations increased. He made a decision to forget about something called (illness) as he devoted his life to studying until I got my BA in Mathematics.”

He continued, “He taught in the Qurayyat Governorate, so that he could study in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at Yarmouk University, at his own expense,

Bin Jarwan resumed his monthly chemotherapy regimen at the same time, and he remained in this state for three years, until his days of struggle culminated in a master’s degree.

 He decided to study for a doctorate in Malaysia, and before traveling, doctors in Riyadh told him that there were health risks, but that did not stop his determination to learn and achieve.

Obtaining a Ph.D

Bin Jarwan was able to obtain a doctorate, to spread messages of optimism with his stories on all social media,

He always talks about the desire for life despite the inability to treat it, which he announced, confirming his satisfaction with what God has written with the help of strength and faith.

About the content of his book publications, he pointed out that: The first book “Me and Cancer.. Pain and Hope,” included talking about the first treatment journey in Thailand. Now he is working on the book “Adaptation to life”.

My family and illness

Bin Jarwan says that he always receives great support from his family. He avoids informing them of the details of his illness, only broad lines, as he does not want them to feel pain, and is keen to deliver his beautiful news.

Overcome adversity

He stressed at the end of his speech that God compensated him with other things, and that the disease taught him patience, will, and the importance of accessing information on his own and going through the experience in his own way, as well as the importance of finding his way alone through faith in the constants.

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