Al Othaim City Centre Project Launched in Hail

Al Othaim Investment Company  launched a groundbreaking project in Hail​​. The development is known as Al Othaim City Center.

It represents a significant step in the company’s expansion strategy and commitment to economic prosperity in line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.

Comprehensive Development

The Al Othaim City Center project, notably backed by the Prince of the Hail region, ambitiously aims to be a comprehensive investment venture.

Importantly, it will include a standard hotel, alongside a range of entertainment, commercial facilities, and diverse dining options.

Furthermore, this project is a critical component of Al Othaim’s strategic plan to establish shopping malls across Saudi Arabia. These malls are designed to provide an international shopping experience, featuring an array of retail units, and leisure attractions.


The Al Othaim City development’s masterplan is ambitious and expansive, covering 100 hectares. It includes 11 residential buildings and showrooms facing the main road. Above these showrooms are four residential towers, plus the Al Othaim HQ mixed-use tower.

The plan also features a mosque, 35 villas, a medical center, a petrol station, and an area reserved for warehousing and industry.

Enhancing Lifestyle, Community

Al Othaim’s approach to investment distinctively focuses on stories that change lifestyles and contribute positively to society. Furthermore, the company has a rich history of establishing diverse projects that significantly promote social and economic progress.

In line with this tradition, Al Othaim City Center aims to further enhance the lifestyle of the local community.

Additionally, the Al Othaim City Center represents a firm commitment to elevating both the lifestyle and economy of Hail.
It represents another strategic step in the company’s ongoing efforts.


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