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Al-Menfi vows to spare Libya the “scourge of wars

The President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Menfi, pledged to work to spare Libya the “scourge of wars” and to promote dialogue among all to reach “fair elections.”

Mixed feelings prevailed in Libya on Friday, dominated by frustration, as the celebrations of the seventieth anniversary of the “Independence Day” coincided with the date that was scheduled to hold the presidential elections, while the UN called on the Libyans to “work together to resolve the current divisions and enhance the ongoing preparations for the national elections.”

Al-Menfi anticipated any moves that would restore the political division to the country, recalling that the country’s 70-year-old independence was “the free will of the nation when the fathers resisted the mandate and guardianship schemes until the international will at that time acquiesced to the will of our people.

Al-Menfi promised that he would continue to work “to unify all political efforts in one national path that includes everyone,” and said that in the Presidential Council “they will not be complacent or calm until history repeats itself with a unified Libyan will,” stressing that “there is no prejudice to the unity of the people and their sovereignty without negligence.”

In the same context, Britain renewed its position in support of holding the Libyan elections, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the country’s independence. The British Embassy said on its Twitter account (Friday), “The UK is proud to stand by Libya. We renew our commitment to helping the country build a secure and stable future.”

It added that it “will not support any action that undermines the political process in the country,” and considered that “the priority is to maintain the momentum towards fair and inclusive elections.”

Prince Muhammad Al-Hassan Al-Ridha Al-Senussi also called on the Libyans to avoid division and conflict, and considered that “there is no success for any treatments that do not take the constitution and the law as the base and path for it.”

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