Members of the “Libyan Dialogue” demand UN intervention

Members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum called on the UN and the countries sponsoring the Berlin conference to “intervene to correct the course of the political process that is heading towards the return of division and disintegration” to the country and to save the road map that is on the verge of collapse.

This came in a statement addressed by 17 members of the Political Dialogue Forum to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in which they stressed that the ongoing political process contradicts the roadmap and relevant Security Council resolutions.

They also referred to the dangerous and accelerating developments that threaten the unity and stability of Libya and may impede the achievement of stability and peace and disrupt the democratic process that is achieved through holding elections within their specified deadlines.

The members spoke of attempts to obstruct and spoil the elections, and efforts to kidnap them and destroy their foundations, calling for the need to stop tampering with them immediately to preserve the political track and the objectives of the preliminary stage.

They considered that holding the elections in this way will have dire consequences that destabilize the entire Libyan entity.

The members of the forum accused the Presidential Council of failing to perform its duties according to the road map, most notably sponsoring the national reconciliation process, which, at least in the preliminary stage, should have gathered the parties to the conflict in Libya around a national charter to accept the results of the electoral process.

They also criticized Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, and his transgression of the road map approved by the forum concerning the government’s functions as a sponsor, impartial, and guarantor of the electoral process, as well as his transgression of the pledges guarantor of the impartiality of this authority.

The countdown to the Libyan elections has begun, which will take place about after two weeks, but the legal disputes between the competing camps and the tensions on the ground are now threatening to postpone or cancel them.

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