AL Madinah Heritage, Modon to Establish Date Factory

Establishment of " AL Madinah Heritage" Company

” AL Madinah Heritage” company and the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones “MODON”  have signed  an agreement to establish a specialized date factory in Medina.

This agreement represents an important step in the development of the date industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to SABQ Online Newspaper.

Establishment of ” AL Madinah Heritage” Company

In the past September, the “City Heritage” company was established, affiliated with the (PIF), specializing in the date industry. The company aims to increase the value of local and international date products.

Specialized Date Factory

Specialized Date Factory in Medina: Initially, construction will start within three months, featuring modern global technologies to enhance Ajwa date quality.

Furthermore, Date Industry Growth: Anticipated major growth in the Kingdom’s date sector due to new entrants and expanded local and global markets. Consequently, the Kingdom produces over 3.1 million tons of dates annually.”

Annual Date Festivals

Saudi regions host more than 10 annual date festivals during the summer, where sales outlets for farmers’ production in those areas are opened.

Ajwa Dates,Their Importance

Ajwa dates are the most important types of dates in the world. Its dark red color, which tends towards black, contains high nutritional value. These dates grow in mineral-rich lands in the central area of the lava fields of Medina.

Marketing Date Products

AL Madinah Heritage will open worldwide outlets for date products, thereby supporting farmers and simultaneously enhancing the value of Saudi dates globally. Consequently, the agreement and new factory project will greatly advance Saudi Arabia’s date industry.”

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