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Al-Jawhara Al-Ataishan: Sawahl Al Jazeer owns the largest knowledge content about entrepreneurship in the Arabic language

By : Taha Sakr

Mrs. Al-Jawhara bint Turki Al-Ataishan confirmed; The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sawhal Al Jazeera Company, the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Rowad El A’mal” that the magazine has succeeded for years in enriching the Arabic content, owning the largest knowledge content about self-employment and entrepreneurship in the Arabic language.

This came during the events of the Global Women Forum for Fashion (Competitive, Opportunities and Challenges), which was organized by “Medpoint” for organizing exhibitions and conferences “and” The Nine Training Center “, under the auspices of the Coast Media Company and its magazines” Entrepreneurs “and” Al Jawhara “and” Economy Today ” And “LEADERS”.

With the participation of more than 500 women personalities from different countries of the world, including women speakers, fashion designers, media professionals, journalists, blogs and multiple feminist segments, as well as ministers, officials, decision makers, businessmen, corporate leaders and supporters of women.

Al-Ateshan reviewed – at the session – her experience in entrepreneurship, the founding of the Coast Media Island Company, and Entrepreneurs magazine, the first Arab magazine specialized in entrepreneurship, which was founded in 2008 AD; Noting that the magazine took it upon itself to spread the culture of self-employment, and made it a functional choice that emanates from the hearts of young people.

Al-Ateshan praised the efforts of Medpoint Events Organization, and Sheikha Noora Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa; In organizing this forum and the big exhibition, which is one of the most important forums for empowering women and fashion fairs in the Gulf region and the Middle East, wishing to continue this success and organizing such an exhibition – despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by humanity as a result of the pandemic “Covid 19”.

Al-Ateshan explained that this exhibition will help designers, designers and fashion houses to overcome the crisis and overcome the economic recession that resulted from the pandemic, welcome to cooperate with Medpoint in the future in a number of activities supporting the economy.

Al-Otaishan called on all institutions to work on developing, developing and empowering women, especially at the economic level, and providing institutional and financial support to women entrepreneurs and owners of small and micro enterprises, with interest in training in the fashion and clothing industry that suits women, and providing platforms for marketing products to ensure the continuity of projects.

Young women fashion designers and designers advised the need to work on learning how to make the shift in work from hobby and simple limited work to professional work and this is the essence of what we are talking about and we know in the Entrepreneur Magazine: “How to make a brand or brand?”

She explained that all the well-known brands that we consume, such as Dior, Zara or others, were created by fashion designers, but they succeeded in transforming and making an international brand.

So it is important for the designer or designer to develop himself and go towards entrepreneurship and armament with its tools. Calling to take advantage of many business incubators and institutions that support this trend such as the Facility and other supporting institutions, and in Bahrain there is Tamkeen and the Bahraini business incubator for fashion.

The forum was held under the patronage of Sheikha Noora Khalifa Al Khalifa; A large number of female and male entrepreneurs and major fashion designers participated in it: New York, Italy, Morocco, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Paris, “Fashion Capital”, Arab Republic of Egypt, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Sudan, India, Tunisia, Australia, Iraq, Portugal, Nepal.

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