Al-Asiri’s women’s costume transforms from pictures into plastic paintings

The elegance of the Al-Asiri woman’s costume, who wears her clothing with a yellow handkerchief, was captured by Saudi photographer “Abdul Wahab Al-AlMa’i,” who turned these photographs into an artistic concept that was turned into plastic paintings.

Countryside life

In an interview with “,” Abdel-Wahab Al-Almai said, “I always monitor the life of the countryside with all its charms, in clips that talk about the human person in the Asir region.”

He continued, when the artist Ibrahim Al-Almai approached me with the notion of translating the photographs into plastic paintings and works of art, I felt proud and honored.

Al-Almaei went on to say: The shots I took of a woman’s dress in Asir were spontaneous in the Al-Soudah are

It conveys the presence of the Asiri woman on the farm, as she is famous for her contribution to doing many tasks to help her husband and her family

It also reflects its participation in agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as in decorating and coordinating the house with the Asiri inscription.

 The Asiri woman was famous for her colorful heritage clothes decorated with exquisite art forms.

The Asiri woman knew many types of adornment, foremost of which was the adornment with aromatic plants 

and the arranged jasmine, and roses in the form of knots that put them on their necks or their heads.

Asir and Tihama are famous for cultivating sweet-smelling jasmine that is used in decoration and perfume, in addition to the yellow handkerchief and the straw hat, which is called “Tafsha”, in addition to the Al-Asiri dress known for its distinctive shape.

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