Saudi Airlines bans non-vaccinated people from traveling on its domestic flights

Saudi Arabian Airlines started applying new updates for passengers today, Wednesday, prohibiting entirely unprotected people from flying on domestic flights.

“As of September 1, 2021, full immunization will be necessary for the usage of air transportation within the Kingdom,” Saudi Airlines declared on its website (domestic flights).

It said that the status of the guest must be shown by the application of our trust (immune who completed the doses of the Corona-19 vaccine).

It pointed out that guests under the age of 12 or those who were referred by the Tawakkalna application (except for medical reasons) are excluded from this.

5 Obligations for Travelers

Saudi Airlines has identified five obligations that travelers through its airlines must abide by, and they are as follows:

View terms and conditions of the transport contract referred to on the “Saudi Airlines” website, either before or after completing the booking process and issuing the confirmed ticket.

Disclose any special needs of the traveler, if any, before completing the reservation process and issuing the confirmed ticket.

Attending the airport at the time specified by the air carrier to finish travel procedures and following the instructions of the air carrier announced for that.

Complete all legal travel documents and requirements such as (travel visas, validity, and type of travel document) and take into account all government regulations.

– traveler must create his reservation accurately and add the correct means of communication (mobile phone number and e-mail) to him, which will be the only and approved means of communication.

Online ticket booking

 Saudi Airlines had made it clear on its website that the traveler could book a ticket online.

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