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MBC, Al Arabiya and Al Hadath network move their offices from Dubai to Riyadh.

The US Bloomberg Agency reported that Saudi news channels, and MBC Group, have begun to move their operations from Dubai to the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The agency confirmed that the employees of Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, both working under the same media umbrella, were informed of the decision to move to the capital, Riyadh, from Dubai, on Monday, according to several sources.

According to these sources, the goal is to produce 12 hours of news programs from the heart of the capital, Riyadh.

 By January, the next year 2022, the rest of the employees will be gradually transferred to Riyadh with the completion of the facilities, amid assurances from management to employees that there will be no layoffs for them.

Strong Regional Presence

Sam Barnett, CEO of MBC Group, said that the Saudi company plans to establish a new headquarters in Riyadh.” He said MBC plans to maintain a “strong regional presence”.

Nabil Al-Khatib, General Manager of Al-Sharq channel, said that the channel’s headquarters has been in Riyadh since its launch.

 He added that the company has been planning for a long time to expand its operations in Riyadh.

But the development of a new headquarters there has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chairman of the Editorial Board of Al Arabiya TV, Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, said earlier time that “there is a decision to move the channel to the Saudi capital, Riyadh.”

In an interview with “Fenjan Podcast” at the time, Al-Rashed referred to the social and cultural development that Saudi Arabia is witnessing; this will allow non-Saudi workers freedom of movement, and living.

He said that it will reform the labor market and laws that will facilitate the recruitment of employees from abroad.

Regarding the lack of Saudi workers in the channel, he explained that “(Al Arabiya) is owned by Saudi Arabia, but it was established as an Arab channel.”

 Al-Rashed believed that the number of Saudi employees in it should not exceed 15%, stressing at the same time that their percentage is higher.

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