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Afghanistan on the verge of a civil war

When the Taliban announced control of several sites in different Afghan provinces, confirming its control over the Khan Char Bagh district in Faryab, the commander of the US forces there stressed that the situation was deteriorating.

The US military commander, General Scott Miller, gave the announcement just weeks before the last US troop withdrawal.

He added in a rare media briefing on Tuesday, reported by the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal,  that the recent gains made by the Taliban movement are very worrying, especially as they occurred in such a quick time.

He also said to a small group of reporters at the coalition headquarters in Kabul that the security situation is not good, stressing that the civil war is looming if the situation continues as it is now, considering that these signs should be a source of concern for the public.

In addition, General Miller refused to specify the exact date for completing the departure of US forces, citing operational security reasons.

Officials said that the US military has already consumed more than half of its equipment and personnel and is expected to complete the withdrawal by mid-July.

It is noteworthy that in recent weeks, nearly a quarter of Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, especially after President Biden announced in April that all US forces would leave by next 11 September.

The movement denied that government forces had regained previous control, declaring it only over the Barki Barak district in Logar state and confiscating several vehicles and weapons.

As for the sites that the Afghan forces have recaptured, they are the Kaldar district in Balkh province, and Shenwari district in Parwan province, according to what the Afghan Ministry of Defense announced.

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