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Abu Arish Castle Represents Historical, Cultural Heritage

The ancient castle of Abu Arish, located in Abu Arish Governorate, was constructed hundreds of years ago, about 33 kilometers from Jizan.

قلعة أبو عريش - ويكيبيديا

It is an important example of historical cultural heritage and a major tourist attraction. It attracts visitors interested in history and ancient architecture.

قلعة الدوسرية - ويكيبيديا

The castle took the shape of a square, with a side length of 40 metres. It is also supported by circular towers at all corners, and in the upper part of its outer wall there are openings for observation.

Some parts of the castle still stand. Moreover, skilled workers from the region built walls, openings, towers and arches in this widespread style, common in ancient cities there.

قلعة أبو عريش – متحف جازان | JAZANMUSEUM

The columns were reinforced with stones in the construction of circular towers used for guard operations and garrison sites. Moreover, this style was common in castles along the Red Sea coast. The use of such robust construction methods ensured durability and resilience against invasions.

The stems of the “dum” tree, widely spread in the region, were used for constructing roofs, especially around the Jazan Valley in the south. Furthermore, this indigenous technique showcased the clever utilization of local resources in traditional architecture.

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