NEOM Unveils Tryam Tourist Destination on Red Sea Coast

NEOM, a pioneer in sustainable development, introduced “Tryam,” a unique tourist destination nestled on the southern edge of the Red Sea. Here, the rugged beauty of desert landscapes converges with the allure of a stunning turquoise lake.

Unique Destination

Tryam stands out with its groundbreaking bridge-shaped design, seamlessly connecting various parts of the lake while upholding stringent nature conservation measures. Boasting a resort comprising 250 rooms, visitors are treated to unparalleled amenities, inviting them to unwind, engage in activities, and immerse themselves in the surrounding natural splendor.

Bridge of Wonders

At the heart of Tryam lies its crowning jewel: a 450-meter pool, perched 36 meters above sea level. It provides sweeping vistas of vibrant coral reefs and tranquil waters. Moreover, this architectural marvel offers guests an awe-inspiring experience.

Adventure and Exploration

Emphasizing adventure and discovery, Tryam caters to thrill-seekers with an array of water sports, sailing expeditions, exhilarating diving excursions. Additionally, these adventures are state of the art health and fitness facilities.

Innovative Architecture

Tryam epitomizes the fusion of futuristic architecture and natural splendor, setting a new benchmark for sustainable tourism. Situated in proximity to “The Line,” NEOM’s ambitious project for a carbon-neutral city, Tryam underscores NEOM’s unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship in this enchanting coastal locale.

Expanding NEOM’s Tourist Offerings

Finally, the introduction of Tryam expands NEOM’s eco-tourism on the Red Sea coast. Alongside other eco-friendly destinations like “Lega,” “Epicon,” “Sirana,” “Utamu,” “Norlana,” “Aquellum,” “Zardoon,” “Zynor,” and “Alanan,” Tryam highlights NEOM’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in this region, ensuring memorable experiences for visitors while preserving its natural beauty for future generations.

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