Abdullah Al-Harbi to Crown Winners of Saudi Elite Boxing Championship

Kingdom Elite Cup Championship

President of the Saudi Boxing Federation, Abdullah Al-Harbi will crown the winners of the Saudi Elite Boxing Championship tonight, Friday. The tournament’s events began on Wednesday. It was held at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Al-Malaz neighborhood in Riyadh and will conclude today.

The finals featured 60 elite male boxers and 39 elite female boxers. Additionally, the Saudi Elite Boxing Championship witnessed 28 matches amidst a large crowd of boxing enthusiasts yesterday.

Besides, the Federation President will award medals and trophies to the male and female winners of the Saudi Elite Boxing Championship 2024. The tournament saw remarkable attendance from enthusiastic fans who ignited the competition with passionate chants and fiery encouragement.



Al-Khamis’s Talks about Royal Support to Boxing Sport

Rasha Al-Khamis, Vice President of the Saudi Boxing Federation recognized the steadfast backing of Saudi Arabian authorities to boxing sport.

Additionally, she mentioned the support from King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who have been instrumental in promoting boxing in the nation.

Saudi Elite Boxing Championship is an embodiment of the Saudi leadership’s interest in boxing sport.


Al-Khamis’s Comments about Saudi Elite Boxing Championship

Al-Khamis stated that boxing has seen significant growth over the past three years. She said that KSA is proud to have boxers with a high level of skill and experience.

Additionally, she emphasized that all elements and components of the sport of boxing have become Saudi.

She revealed that Saudi refereeing teams have experienced international levels and players participating in international competitions. Moreover, she explained that Saudi players will achieve Olympic and advanced positions over the next eight years.


Manifestations KSA’s Interest in Boxing Sport

Since the very beginning, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has prioritized advancing all sports, including boxing.

Bin Salman spared no financial support for the boxing federation and youth to ensure the highest levels of performance in boxing.

Furthermore, KSA contributes to showcasing athletes and offering them opportunities, boosting boxer development in Saudi Arabia.

KSA authorities gave attention to building arenas, stands, and comprehensive logistical services across the Kingdom. As a result, everything is ready for players and youth to showcase their talents.

Certainly, KSA is committed to enhancing sports and encouraging youth to engage in physical activity and participate in various sporting events.


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