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A Saudi Youngster imitates Arab & International figures such as Charlie Chaplin

A Saudi Youngster imitates Arab & International figures such as Charlie Chaplin

The Saudi young man, Muhammad Al-Shammari, recruited all his tools in the surrounding environment, to prove his artistic worth and talent in acting, which is no less than any international actor, while social media was buzzing with many clips he posted on his official account on Twitter and Tik Tok, in which he embodied many One of the Arab and international personalities and his reincarnation.

In an interview with, Al-Shammari said: “I am a lover of films and imitate international and Arab actors, and I was able to adapt to the surrounding environment to reach my goals and prove my talent in silent comedy, and other artistic models.”

He added, “While I love the classic comic art, this makes me read a lot about this art, and despite my young age, which did not exceed 23 years, I was able to convey my feelings of love to my brothers and friends.

How does he portray the characters?

Al-Shammari indicated that he provides special clothes and costumes, including what is available at home or with friends, provides makeup for the characters, and performs all tasks of makeup, clothes, designing the clip, training the Brotherhood and friends’ participants on the clip, and borrowing clothes to implement the clips that found distinctive echoes.

Al-Shammari continued his speech, saying, “During a year of experiments and filming, I was able to produce a large number of clips, and the matter is not without words of frustration and discouragement, but I did not pay attention to them, and I completed my journey in proving the competence of the Saudi youth, and I can make excellence with fewer roles”.

Charlie Chaplin

About his choice of the character of Charlie Chaplin, he explained that he filmed more than 5 clips of this character, after reading many books about it and looking at documentaries, talking about the life of the king of silent comedy, who made people happy despite the circumstances surrounding him and his endurance to harsh conditions.
He added, “After I delved into this character, I decided to reincarnate it with the tools I had available, with the participation of my friends, and after I explained to them the details of the scenes and the character, and everyone was able to succeed in this unique experience of this character.

As for the Arab personalities that he imitated, he explained that he imitated many Arab personalities, including the artists Yasser Al-Azma, Nasser Al-Qasabi, Rabeh Saqr, the famous social media person, Yasser Al-Bahri, and several American actors, such as Sylvester Stallone as Rainbow, Marlon Rando, and several actors.

Build Talent

He stressed that he seeks to reach his talent to the world, noting that “the Saudi youth are the ones who create opportunities for themselves to reach the world. One of the satellite channels asked for his help in acting, and when he found that his role was limited in the role of extras walking behind actors, he apologized for the work.”

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