Saudi Female to participate in World Photographic Cup 2022

Saudi photographer Sarah Al-Rawas achieved the highest vote to participate in the 2022 World Cup Photography competition, as the first Saudi woman to compete in this competition.

In an interview with Al Arabiya Net, she revealed the story of her entry into the world of photography, indicating that the beginning was purely by chance and unplanned, as she decided to present manual works of art that she loved to practice and engage in, after completing her studies.

She added that her life changed when someone gave her a camera a while ago, and she became curious about it and began to use it and get to know it, noting that she was attached to it, and to the subject of photography, which became her preoccupation, her endless passion and her new world in which she discovered herself.

Sarah also talked about her attempt to develop her technical tools by attending training courses to develop her skills in several disciplines, including photographing people or photographing silent life – products and foods.

Product Photography
She added that in a short period, she had a greater responsibility towards this beautiful specialty, so she decided to delve into and focus more on this specialty and put her energy and effort to come up with satisfactory results.

She recounted the steps of her artistic career filled with passion until she was able to produce some works permanently and display them on her Instagram page to display her work only, and with time she was surprised by the request of individuals, institutions, and companies for photographic service.

She explained that she had always refused to provide these services because of her lack of great experience in this field and after she was able to refine her talent and began the procedures for extracting a freelance document, which contributed to its stability and the continuation of its creativity, and began to enter the commercial world and attracted customers through the quality of its work and presented several commercial works in a short time.

Meanwhile, she confirmed that she did not participate in any local or international competition, except for the 2022 World Cup for Photography, and this is the first participation, explaining that her feelings of happiness are indescribable and that she feels proud of this entitlement and that she is very grateful to the artist Tariq Khoja for giving her this opportunity and nominating her for the competition.

Passion for work
Al-Rawas stressed that continuity in work and enjoying this passion requires not paying attention to the frustrated, not comparing the photographer himself with other artists, comparing himself to himself in every period, and presenting the work as he likes and according to his vision, and not at the expense of seeing others.

She added that she was able to present distinctive clips, and these clips are what achieved success for her, every time she records her clips to learn something new, most of the clips are a great deal of time, effort, thinking, implementation, and directing, and all of them means a great deal to her.

And about her biography, she explained that she is a Saudi national, born and lived in Jeddah and completed her studies for a bachelor’s degree, and she graduated from King Abdulaziz University in 2015 from the College of Media with an excellent grade with honors, but she chose the field of photography to complement her media thought.

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