A Saudi engineer obtains an international patent in the field of aviation

A Saudi engineer was able to put his name in a special place in history, after obtaining an international patent in the field of aviation.

The Saudi engineer, Munir Bakhsh, who specializes in aircraft structures, obtained an international patent in the field of aviation, to design an aircraft chair for children.

Munir told a satellite channel, about the story of obtaining an international patent, due to his designing a chair for children under two years by plane.

He revealed that this chair could be installed in the airframe, in the spaces separating the different classes of passengers on the plane.

He explained that what made him think about that invention when he was accompanied by his son while traveling to New York.

He pointed out that this situation inspired him to think about creating a seat for children on airplanes.

He added that he thought about that invention, as it is the main subject of his master’s thesis, but some financial difficulties contributed to delaying his progress, in order to obtain a patent for his design.

He stressed that providing a seat for children on the plane is one of the most important safety and security factors. It works to ensure that they are protected from any vibrations inside the plane.

“Business Insider” published a report on the most unusual and crazy patents in the world of aviation in light of the continuous development that the industry is witnessing with the aim of attracting the largest number of customers in addition to attempts to reduce costs.

International companies are racing to introduce the latest modern technologies to their aircraft. European Airbus (AIR.PA), for example, is applying to register more than 600 patents annually, and it is possible to start producing some patents, but most of them will never see the light of day.

This plane can cross the Atlantic in less than an hour

This aircraft was certified in August 2015 and will allow the flight from London to New York to arrive in only about an hour, which is less than the length of the high-speed “Concord 1” flight, which can cover this distance in three and a half hours.

Airbus described this plane as an “air vehicle” and it contains two “delta” wings distributed on both sides of the fuselage with a missile propulsion system. The plane will be equipped with three different types of engines and allow it to fly vertically and then rush at a speed of about 5 thousand kilometers in the clock.

A cockpit without windows

Airbus filed for this patent in 2014 and is expected to redesign the modern look of the cockpit where pilots can use the digital display to see the surroundings without the need for any windows.

The image shows the presence of the cockpit at the front of the aircraft, and it can be shifted to the rear or to the bottom to allow the plane more length in the front and more dynamism.

Cabin in the shape of a “ring”

A patent was registered in the European office that allows for round cabins, thus increasing the number of passengers more than usual, and experts believe that this shape will be the best in the world of aviation, as it will increase its speed and improve its fuel efficiency.

A magic door designed to arrest terrorists

 In the aftermath of the famous September 11 attacks, a patent was filed for registration in 2002 to secure aircraft from hijacking and terrorist attacks, and this design relies on finding a magic door outside the cockpit entrance, and it can be opened by pilots if they feel imminent danger to lead to a fully secured room for arrest No terrorist or attacker.

  Smart windows with touch screens

Boeing may have already called its 787s faded or brighter windows, but Airbus preceded it one step further by creating windows described as interactive information visualization with a touch feature, with the ability to teach passengers all parameters while flying overhead with the ability to play music.

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