Know more about the pigeon that was auctioned for 1000900$

The auction is worth one million and 900 thousand dollars.

The reason New Kim’s peg is so high is that in 2018 it won a number of middle distance races.

If “a bird in the hand is better than ten on a tree”, as the saying is common in most countries of the world, then “a pigeon is better than 100 thousand in the air”, if it was within reach, and from one type that was sold by an auction that they organized yesterday in Belgium, for a million and 900 thousand A dollar, paid by an anonymous Chinese businessman, satisfactorily, even though they retired her almost two years ago.

The reason for the high price of New Kim’s carrier is that she won a number of middle-distance races in 2018 and could give birth to more pigeons of the same breed, according to what sums up what the agencies quoted from the executive director of the auction house “Peppa”, Nikolaas.

Gyselbrecht, the host, said that “these records are not believed by a mind, especially that the pigeon is female and retired .While the male exceeds the female value for his ability to give birth to a greater number of the same breed,” as he put it in his statement, indicating that Belgium is famous as the home of enthusiasts of this bird More than 20,000 pigeon keepers, “he said.

What family raised New Kim and owned it? A spokesperson said that his family was in shock at “selling it at such a fabulous price.” Noting that a Belgian pigeon named “Armando” and a Belgian also mentioned a Belgian pigeon named “Armando” and also a Belgian, it  was 4 years old in March of last year when she sold it  “Pipa For auctions “with one million and 420 thousand dollars,

 It was known for his championships in sprints, but it retired and was offered for sale, so the Chinese in particular hurried to buy it, and a competitive war erupted between them in the auction, until the auctioneer hammer landed on the amount paid by an unknown Chinese as well, and remained A record high yesterday until New Kim broke it by $ 480,000 yesterday.

Provide the pigeon with a special guard

Pigeon racing, which is highly profitable in China, is known to have increased its popularity there with the economic boom in the last ten years in particular, according to what Al read in an online biography of this type of pigeon racing, so buy pigeons fast. , Or Racing Homer as they call it, is to involve him in races or for his ability to conceive until the age of 10 years, and it is the purpose behind the new Chinese buyer paying a high price to buy “New Kim”, which strikes now the record as the most expensive pigeon.

They write in the Belgian media and others about New Kim that the family that owned her put her in an unknown location, under the supervision of a private security company, and provided her with escort, pending the end of auction for her. As for her buyer yesterday, they expect to put her in a golden cage in which to fulfill her new mission, which is to give birth to other champions in a race that the world has known for more than 1,700 years, and his sport is still unofficial, although its profits are fast and millions.

In the video presented above, we see how to organize a race between hundreds of pigeons, after installing a rubber ring in the feet of each of them, with a secret number written by the committee overseeing the race, and then the pigeons are placed in boxes designated for transport to the race venue, and in it they release the pigeons that are flying.

 It begins to make several rounds in the air until it is guided to the direction leading to its dens, and after the arrival of each bird to its den, the participants enter it, and inform the Notification Receiving Committee with the secret number.

 The arrangement is not considered final until after the time, distance, and coordinates of each participant are set by a committee the collection of results and the control committee, either the bettor wins on the bird that he bet on, or he loses, and there is no compromise. As for the difference, a net profit for the pigeons. As are horse, dog and car races.

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