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A Look into mountain caves and waterfalls located in Saudi’s center

A Look into mountain caves and waterfalls located in Saudi's center
A Look into mountain caves and waterfalls located in Saudi's center

Dhal Park, located in the heart of al-Qahr Mountain in the Al-Raith Governorate in Jizan, overlooks its charming splendor to be among the tourist attractions and the most beautiful Saudi summer resort.

 The park combines the historical heritage with the beauty of the region, which is full of valleys, mountains, plateaus, and plains.

Spectacular scenes in “Dhal” in southwest Saudi Arabia, attracted the photographer Ali Al-Raithy, who was keen to monitor the aesthetics of the dense forests, juniper trees, and wild olives known as Atem that fill the park.

 Speaking to Al, he says: Dal Park is characterized by cold weather throughout the year, amidst the agricultural terraces that indicate the greatness and proficiency of the mountain people, who turned the tall mountains into agricultural terraces that provide all kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits, and aromatic plants.

 The park is also characterized by heavy rain that continues most days of the year, and white clouds move between its sides quietly, as if they are resting in its arms from their frequent travels.

Caves and waterfalls

 Dhal Park has many beautiful and multi-shaped caves, some of which are about 15 meters high.

 It is surrounded by natural landscapes and forests from the outside, and it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Jabal al-Qahr.

 The park also contains unparalleled views and tourist places in Saudi Arabia, such as Al-Waqbah, Madharah, Amnaif, and Ghafila,

Dhal Park is characterized by its waterfalls, scenic views, and ancient monuments.

It is considered an outlet for Jizan people in summer, to enjoy the cool weather away from the dust that Jizan witnesses in the summer months.

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