A Journey in Saudi Arabia Golden era under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

By : Prince Fahad Bin Nawaf Al Saud

Unprecedented historical changes are rocking our beloved kingdom. We are witnessing a golden era that is led by our great leader HRH Mohammad Bin Salman the crown prince. HRH’s 2030 vision have inspired millions of the young Saudis, it made us believe in our potentials and capabilities, and how we can use our knowledge and capabilities to make our country one of the top economies in the world and most importantly to improve the quality of our lives.

We are the (Young Saudis) are going to work hard under the leadership of our beloved leader HRH the crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman to ensure that our children will have the best quality of living, we going to ensure that our children will have a normal life without the struggles that our generation and the older generation have been through.

 The young Saudis are the foundation of HRH’s vision, we are extremely honored and proud to be the generation that witnessed the positive changes and worked under the leadership of our leader HRH the crown prince.

As an international student who studied in the United Kingdom for 5 years, I feel somehow regret that I missed the start of HRH the crown prince historical revolution, and the changes that happened in our beloved kingdom.

 I envy the people whom witness every part and moment of the historical changes such as the royal decree for women to drive, our first ever musical concert and many others. Nevertheless, every time I go back home when I was a student, I see my country changing dramatically, and all the changes are positive.

After the last time I came home after my graduation I went to several places that I never believed I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I felt so proud and my head held up high and I told my self what a time to be alive.

One of the most important changes that is happening in our beloved country is the empowerment of women, especially in the work force, as our country in a journey of ridding dependency on oil and diversify the country’s income it must consider gender equality.

As gender equality is significantly essential in the vision 2030, as the vision’s target is to reach 30% females in the workforce by 2030.

 In public universities and colleges female students represent 41% off the student count. This indicates that there are tremendous potentials in Saudi women, empower and investing in women in the work place is not only the right thing to do, it can significantly improve and increase productivity in the work place.

To reach the vision’s goal, the country needs to invest in all of its people, male and female, giving equal opportunities to both genders can improve productivity and both genders can learn from each other.

HRH the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman and we the young Saudis behind our leader we are going to make history, and every Saudi should feel proud and honored that they are part of making the history.

It goes without saying now we are witnessing a golden era, we just started our future and leaving the past, our children will never know how our lives used to be, they will have a better, normal lives and better social environment overall. However, we are the generation whom witnessed and contributed into the historical moments and changes that happened to our beloved country, we are the generation who will rebuilt the new Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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