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A German traveler and his family on a Charming tour in Najran

A German traveler, Stephen, accompanied his wife and children on an expedition to the Najran region; where their journey began from Barr Al-Mishaaliya in Najran.

German traveler in Najran

The German decided to explore Najran to enjoy the current atmosphere, take a road trip, eat popular meals, and delve into the customs and traditions of this region in the Kingdom.

Of course and the generosity of the people of the Kingdom, a resident of the region hosted the nomad’s family, consisting of his wife and three children, while giving them the opportunity to carry out several visits and tours with camels and horses.

The family of the German traveler set out on a road trip to discover the Najran desert, passing through the famous Khashm Al-An mountain. While a number of photos documented their imaginary journey in one of the most charming regions in the Kingdom.

Tourism in Najran

It is known that tourism in Najran has a distinct character and a unique flavor; As it is one of the regions rich in resources, and wonderful tourist attractions, so it is a destination for tourists abroad and at home.

Najran embraces ancient historical archaeological wealth, natural monuments, and unique terrain of mountainous ridges. All this is in addition to a unique architecture that appears in its buildings.

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The city of Najran is located on the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, but it belongs to the southern region of Saudi Arabia and enjoys great tourism importance for the Kingdom, as tourism in Najran is distinguished by its heritage and archaeological sites, some of which date back to long periods of the Kingdom’s history.

In addition to the traditional but unique architecture of the buildings, with some picturesque natural and entertainment attractions that made it one of the most important tourist cities in Saudi Arabia.

If you are planning a trip to the Saudi city of Najran, you should follow the article and learn about the most important tourist places in Najran.

The best hotels in Najran

Najran includes a large number of hotels that are the best among Saudi hotels as a whole, as they offer guests different levels of high-end services at varying prices to suit all levels, and perhaps one of the best hotels in Najran is what we collected through this tab .. Read more

The most important tourist places in Najran

Najran has a large number of ancient and contemporary heritage and historical sites, in addition to a number of natural attractions and parks, including:


One of the most important landmarks in the center of the Saudi city of Najran, which witnessed the events of a great historical story dating back to the era of the Yemeni Kingdom of Himyar in the year 525 AD when the city of Najran bore the name of digit.

The Noble Qur’an mentioned this story with the owners of the grove, where the deadly conflict took place between the Jewish king and the Christians of Medina and ended with the occupation of Yemen for 70 years by Abyssinia, leaving its eternal traces on the site in the form of inscriptions, stone drawings, and great granite millstones.

Tourist places in Najran

Najran Palace and Museum

They are one of the most beautiful buildings that distinguish the Emirate of Najran, with its traditional architectural design drawn from the city’s ancient heritage.

The history of the palace or museum as one of the most important tourist attractions in Najran dates back to the beginning of the sixties, as it was built on a vast area divided into 65 rooms, some of which are related to the work of government departments in the city, including those that include storage and restoration of antiquities, along with a photography studio and a movie theater.

In addition to a closed exhibition hall and an open hall that reviews the history of the Arabian Peninsula with maps, documents and excavations, from the Stone Age to the Islamic era, and some heritage handicrafts.

The city of Najran

Saadane Palace or Al-An

One of the best places of tourism in western Najran, which dates back to 3 centuries ago and is characterized by a unique architectural design of mud based on courses on top of a mountain, with 4 towers, a main gate and a mud wall.

Sagam Forest

One of the most important tourist attractions in Najran, perhaps thanks to its picturesque nature and the simple and quiet recreational atmosphere it provides for families, in addition to its central location among the most important tourist places in Najran, such as the Citadel, Raum Mountain, Al Okhdood area, and King Fahd Park.

The forest has green areas and wide and varied trees, playgrounds for children, roaming paths, barbecue areas, and a separate entrance for families.

Fever wells

A tourism trip in Najran cannot be completed without visiting the Hima wells, as it is one of the most important archaeological sites that a tourist must pass by when visiting the Emirate of Najran, as it is a road that extends between 6 rocky wells that commercial convoys used to pass through to bring water on their way to different parts of the world.

Tourist places in Najran

Najran Dam

It is a concrete dam dating back to the beginning of the eighties. It is not only one of the most important tourist attractions in Najran, but also one of the most important and largest dams in the city of Najran in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to its strong absorption of rain water.

You can visit the dam area and enjoy a wonderful wandering trip between the picturesque nature scenery, where the lake, boat trips, steep mountains and greenery, but you must first inquire about the visit dates that differ between winter and summer and are completely prohibited in periods of rain.

King Abdul Aziz Park

One of the best tourist places in the southern city of Najran thanks to its distinctive green spaces, various trees, playgrounds for children, and family breaks with special sites for holding festivals and celebrations.

The park is one of the largest and most famous parks in Najran, Saudi Arabia, but rather the Kingdom as a whole, with an area of ​​5 million square meters. Then you can turn north to the historical city of Al-Husayn, which is distinguished by its traditional heritage buildings and palm trees.

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