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A famous Chinese scientist blows up a new surprise on the origin of Corona

A new tweet from the fugitive Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan further complicates the origin of the Corona virus, as she promised to publish the reasons that led prominent scientists to adopt the theory of the natural origin of the virus, which she described as a “fugitive biological weapon.”

Yan, the scientist who said she did some early research on COVID-19 last year, has announced that she will soon try to explain why so many scientists reject her research. She posted pictures; she claimed contained “evidence” for the answer.

Yan also accused “the world’s leading medical experts” of being “completely under the control” of the Chinese state.

But virologists widely say the evidence indicates that it is possible that SARS-CoV-2 first transmitted to humans from an animal source, possibly from bats.

“People always ask: Why do so many scientists strive to deny and distort the laboratory origin of Covid-19 (…) Check the clues in the picture. I’ll explain more later,” said the scientist who fled from the University of Hong Kong to the United States.

The images indicate that two Columbia University scientists, Ian Lipkin, MD, and Angela Rasmussen, PhD holder, will be part of her explanation.

In the photos, a press release issued by the university in January this year shows Lipkin’s honor by China for her work on infectious diseases, as well as her medal earlier that month at the Chinese Consulate in New York in recognition of its “profound impact” on the country.

Another photo, published by Yan without context, as reported by the American “News Week” magazine, is a screenshot of a university website page showing that Lipkin and Rasmussen received a college grant of nearly $ 2 million.

But Rasmussen dismissed Yan’s claim as unfounded.

The third image is a screen shot from an academic paper co-authored by Lipkin that suggested two scenarios that News Week described as the “logicians” of the Korean origin, both of which involve “zoonotic transmission.”

Rasmussen increased her criticism of Yan’s earlier research and questioned how Yan’s analysis would be funded. “Whatever half-mature conspiracy theory I’m about to unveil, Dr. Yan, that’s not why I’m talking. That’s because the lab’s origin is not supported by evidence, regardless of the number of” reports “of ridiculous publications that fail to pass the evidence review, she wrote.

Rasmussen added, “The grant (Yan talked about) is funded by the US Department of Defense. My salary and research were not supported by any funding from China, but while we talk about conflicts of interest, who funds Dr. Yan?”

Yan remains active on Twitter despite her first account being suspended in September, and the Chinese scientist also appears to be active on Facebook, with a headline describing the virus as a “biological weapon.”

During the past months, the fugitive Chinese virologist to America raised controversy by announcing that the new Corona virus was made in China, specifically in a laboratory in Wuhan, the birthplace of the pandemic, but to this day she has not provided clear evidence to prove the correctness of her words.

More than once, the professor confirmed the existence of evidence that would be revealed, and said, “I work in a reference laboratory of the World Health Organization, which is the highest corona virus laboratory in the world, at the University of Hong Kong.”

But the university denied that the scientist was indeed still with them, after Yan said that I had “secretly delved into such an investigation from the early start of the outbreak.”

The fleeing scientist considers that the reports that the Corona virus originated in the Wuhan Animal Market are just a “smoke cloud”, and that she has evidence that the virus is not from nature and that it is man-made.

To that, the scientist confirmed that the Chinese government created the virus, and continued, “The genome sequence resembles a human fingerprint. I will use this evidence to tell people, why did this come from the laboratory in China? And why did they create it”?

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