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6 new faces that reflect the unique style of Boucheron house

New international ambassadors of Boucheron prepare to launch into the unique world of jewelry; Where Boucheron Jewelery announced its new global ambassadors for the brand; each embodied femininity and house style in their own way.

“Boucheron” introduced six new international ambassadors, including Nour Arida who has officially joined the crew from the Middle East region; bringing a whiff of fresh air to the digital influencer community with all its humility.

New Boucheron International Ambassadors

Each of these women is distinguished by their unique style and individuality, yet they have a lot in common through their elegance and behavior, and through their career and life choices.

The six women of Boucheron define femininity and style dear to the house, and remember through their vision that the Boucheron style is the style that every woman wants for herself.

Each of them is taking part in the Boucheron holiday campaign, starting from November 9, titled “Sharing Holiday Emotions”, with their own style and personality.

Each of them will share with us some of her true feelings and memories related to the exciting atmosphere of the end-of-year season, and the six Boucheron women came as follows:

Dongo Zu

Ambassador of the House since 2018, Actress Dongo Zhu is a vibrant and creative personality but also bright and mysterious.

Dongo Zhuo has participated in more than thirty films since 2010, and has won many awards; in 2020, she won the title of Best Actress at the “Hong Kong Film Awards”.

She won the “100 Flowers Award” and the “11th Chinese Film Directors Guild Award”, and in the same year, she became the youngest Chinese actress to occupy the cover of Chinese Vogue magazine.

Alexa Chang

Alexa Chang is a model, author, presenter and creative director for the eponymous label, and she jumps into a multitude of professions, like having multiple rings on her fingers.

This young British woman of fun and fashionable personality is world-famous for her poignant sense of style as well as her intelligence.

Nour Arida

Nour Arida brings a whiff of fresh air to the world of digital influencers with all her modesty, as she is a Lebanese model and a popular socialite in the Middle East, as well as an entrepreneur and a mother.

Noor is very attached to family values, and she never misses an opportunity to share her energy and creativity with her ever-growing Instagram followers.

Hannah Quinlevan

Hannah Quinlevan, half Taiwanese and half Australian, enjoys a distinct global personality. Hannah has succeeded in her acting career just as well as in her happy family life, which she shares with her husband, famous singer, Jay Choo.

In addition to being inspired by her own fashion brand, Jendes, this actress and businesswoman, has always shown confidence in herself, her creativity and unique sense of freedom.

Yoon Chae Jung

South Korean actress Yoon Chae-jung studied at the Central College of Art and Design in St. Martin, and in her latest drama series “The King: Eternal Ruler”, she appeared adorned with Boucheron jewels, dazzling the audience with her femininity integrated with splendor of design.

Yoon Chai’s international debut at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival was as a titular character in “Nobody’s Daughter Hywon” in 2013, and she is also a talented musician who released an album of songs from her lyrics and melodies.


Rola is a famous Japanese model and social influencer, who has appeared on the covers of several fashion magazines.

The style of her fashion brand is highly regarded in the fashion sector, she is also known for her keen awareness of sustainability in her private life, and she has just launched a lifestyle brand that delivers modern and sustainable sportswear.

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