5th Batch of Saudi Oil Grant arrives at YEMEN

The 5th batch of oil derivatives grants supplied under the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has arrived at the port of Aden, according to the official Yemeni News Agency.

The Saudi donation, worth $ 422 million, will be used to run around 80 power plants in areas where the legitimate government has control.

The amount received is around 60,000 metric tons of fuel, assuming that the fifth batch of the oil grant arrives later in November, supplying approximately 30, 000 metric tons of diesels.

The delivery of this batch of Saudi oil derivatives grant diesel in the amount of 60,000 metric tons brought the overall quantity of diesel received to 334,000 metric tons, or 37% of the amount stated in the oil grant agreement of 909,000 and 591 metric tons.

The $422 million awards will be used to run around 80 power plants in government-designated regions.

According to the official agency, the competent authorities began the process of examining and inspecting the diesel shipment to confirm its conformity with the approved specifications, after which the fuel would be pumped to the oil grant tanks in the Aden Refineries Company.

A supervision and control committee for the implementation of the governance mechanism, made up of nine government agencies, oversees the administration of the oil derivatives grant provided by Saudi Arabia, which amounts to 1,260,850 metric tons of fuel.

The grant contributes to supporting the budget, supporting the energy sector, providing electricity and oil derivatives, financing critical projects, providing basic services, supporting the economy, propelling development, stabilizing the currency, supporting employee salaries, and improving the living conditions of Yemeni citizens.

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